Miss World 2016: First Leaderboard And Initial Impressions!

Miss World 2016: TKOP First Hotpicks 

Miss World 2016 is halfway through and is all set to get culminated this weekend in Washington DC. While the semi-finalists for sports and talent round have already been announced, the announcement for the most crucial segments like Top Model Round and Beauty with a Purpose is still awaited. Amidst the thrilling wait, I am here with my first prediction list for the crown of Miss World 2016.

The 66th edition of the Miss World pageant is slated to take place on 18th December 2016 at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, United States just south of Washington, D.C. During the conclusion of the pageant, Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain will pass on her crown to her successor.

Though Miss World pageant is considered to be highly unpredictable one, based on the introduction videos, live chat videos, pictures and the performances in Talent and Sports Round, I was able to come up with these twenty women, who have sparkling potential to clinch the coveted title of Miss World 2016.

Claiming the zenith is none other than Tímea Gelencsér from Hungary. Right before hitting to United States, this gorgeous woman gave me a very positive vibe through her introduction video. Not only does she have an ethereal beauty which screams out Miss World loudly, but she also has an efficient personality to easily gain the spotlight. She has already made huge splash in the ocean of Miss World by her convincing presence in the Talent Round and Sports Round. This 22 years old acrobatic dancer could make a triumphant back to back win for Europe, becoming the very first Miss World from Hungary.

Miss World 2016 Hungary.jpg

Following her closely is the Asian beauty, Bayartsetseg Altangerel from Mongolia. We have seen how Miss World is dotingly adorning the fresh participants with their due credits, and I believe Mongolia can successfully earn its due this year. Bayartsetseg Altangerel has what it takes to stand out in the crowd. By grabbing her spot locked in both Talent and Sports Round, she is moving on the right track.

Miss World 2016 Mongolia.jpg

At third place is Ana Girault from Mexico. It has been a really really long wait for Mexico to wear that stunning blue crown, and Ana Girault can definitely be the one. Beautiful, energetic and exceptional beauty queen is what Ana Girault is emblematic of. If she goes on to win the crown, Miss World will be known for crowning a non-clichéd beauty queen after a long time. Her spontaneous personality is totally to die for!

Miss World 2016 Mexico.jpg

Glittering at the fourth place is Catriona Gray from Philippines. Not long back did Philippines win its first Miss World crown, and it seems that the nation is walking on the right track to claim its second crown with this very tantalizing beauty. Catriona Gray has everything what fits into the bill of getting crowned as Miss World. With that mesmerizing personality that gives positive vibes along with that melodious voice that turns million heads, she could be the next Miss World as I have said many times before in my previous article.

Miss World 2016 Philippines.jpg

Following up is Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico. This stunning, pleasing and gorgeous beauty is all set to make Puerto Rico proud by her effervescence. Stephanie Del Valle has what it takes to climb high on the score board on the coronation eve with her strong “Beauty with a Purpose” project and her spectacular modelling stint will surely give her an edge in the Top Model Round.


At sixth place is Audra Mari of United States of America. Apart from the fact that Audra Mari is the host delegate of Miss World 2016, her great communication skills and proficiency at ramp will take her a long way. As a Television Presenter and a professional model, Audra knows how to project herself and this is why I see her performing exceptionally good at Top Model Round and Closed Door Interview Round.


Dazzling at the seventh spot is Lenty Frans from Belgium. With such a confident, poised and philanthropic lady representing the country, I clearly see Belgium making its mark at Miss World 2016. Her charming aura reflects through calm and confident composure and I am sure, it will not go unheeded by the jury.

Shining at the eighth place is Slovak Republic. Kristína Činčurová has the soft, delicate and supple beauty loved by Miss World Organization.

Shimmering at the ninth place is Madeline Cowe from Australia. Australia has a great record at Miss World especially since last few years. With that modelesque face and towering personality, Australia will see another remarkable placement at Miss World.

Glittering at the tenth spot is Yana Dobrovolskaya from Russia. Bubbly, spontaneous and full of life, Yana could bring Russia on the map of Miss World back for yet another consecutive year with that ethereal beauty and sparkling aura. She is still in the running to claim that coveted blue crown.

photovisi-download (29).jpg

At eleventh position is Viktoria Kocherova from Georgia. She is not just a philanthropist, but is also a rough and tough persona, who is well trained in wrestling and journalism. She is skilled in ballet dance and horse riding. Indeed a proficient Miss World contestant!

Dazzling at twelfth spot is Priyadarshini Chatterjee from India. India has always done wonders at Miss World pageant, as the country pays excessive heed to this very pageant and it is evident from the fact that the country has won five Miss World crowns. Priyadarshini Chatterjee with her modelesque aura and promising personality will definitely ace the closed door interview round and Top Model Round.

Jolly Mutesi from Rwanda is up next in the hotpicks. Charismatic aura and pleasing communication skills, she can get her country a worthy placement. Following her is Maja Taradi from Slovenia, who is a trained ballet dancer apart from being a model and dental prothesist. She hopes to write a book someday, which reflects this lovely lady has a great story to tell during the closed door interview. Morgan Edvige from France can be another possible quarter finalist at Miss World 2016 with her striking personality that stands out in the crowd.

Linda Kinca from Latvia is also one to watch for in the race for the Miss World crown. She has successfully made her way into both Sports and Talent Round and can definitely not be underestimated. Following her is Ntandoyenkosi Kunene from South Africa. Though the buzz around Miss South Africa has reduced after she landed in Washington DC, I still believe her good “Beauty with a Purpose” project and impressive communication skills will help her to earn a placement at the pageant finals.

At eighteenth place is Yaritza Reyes from Dominican Republic. The prowess of this gorgeous woman is world known and she is certainly going to earn the entire spotlight for right reasons. At nineteenth place is Mirka Cabrera from Ecuador. With that mind blowing spontaneity and power packed attitude, I believe Ecuador is going to earn its due placement in this edition.

photovisi-download (30).jpg

At twentieth spot is none other than Natalia Short from Cook Islands. This lovely lady has already secured her spot by winning the Sports Fastrack Round, whether she will advance further to semi-finals will be clearer once she gets through the Top Model Round and Beauty with a Purpose segment.

So these were my favourites for the title of Miss World 2016. Another leaderboard will be released in couple of days after the Top Model Round competition and announcement of semi-finalists of “Beauty with a Purpose” segment. Till then stay tuned, and do not forget to share your opinions and favourites in the comment section right below. 🙂

Meanwhile, do not forget to vote for your favourite Miss World contestant to make them win the People’s Poll.


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