Road To Miss World 2016: A Back To Back For Europe?

Miss World 2016: Meet The Beauties From Europe

Miss World 2016 is around the corner and the enthrallment of the pageant enthusiasts simply could not stop from bubbling up. But before the contestants arrive in Washington DC, United States of America to vie for the 66th Miss World crown, let’s meet the strong delegates from Europe, who will try to take home the very coveted title this year.

Europe won the Miss World crown last year with Spain’s Mireia Lalaguna Royo wearing the prestigious Miss World crown, and this time the European beauties are again back with a bang!

Austria-Dragana Stankovic

Modelesque, beautiful and a die hard sports enthusiast, Dragana Stankovic has totally nailed her pre-arrival impression. I am rooting for another placement for Austria as I can see her performing well in the Top Model Round and Sports Round.

Belgium- Lenty Frans

Aspiring to become a doctor, Lenty Frans has aced her pre-arrival impression by her brilliantly executed introduction video. I can see her placing high in the “Beauty with a Purpose” segment. She is also a TV host and hence her confidence while interacting is worth praising. Of course, this aura will help her to get in the spotlight during the closed door interview.

Czech Republic- Natalie Kotkova

This beautiful Czech woman is a total head turner. Being Fashion TV Presenter along with owning a lovely blog, Natalie Kotkova is surely in the race of Miss World crown. Being a model by profession, I believe, she could do very well in the cruicial Top Model Round.

Denmark- Helena Heuser

Helena Heuser has a very pretty face, the kind which Miss World organization not just loves but also adores. She has a very pleasing aura which gives quite an optimistic vibe about her personality. She has a great interest in music and fashion, and she can truly foray in the Talent Round brightly with the poise she embodies.

England- Elizabeth Grant

With a strong “Beauty with a Purpose” project, this confident woman can definitely not be ignored. England last reached Top 5 of Miss World in 2014 when it was hosting the pageant, and this time Elizabeth Grant is back with a bang, vying for another luminous placement for her counrty.

France- Morgan Edvige

France has a great feat of achievement at Miss World pageant since couple of years and Morgan Edvige is no less to take this victory to yet another great level. Her “Beauty with a Purpose” project revolves around making the lives of disabled people a happy one.She is great at sports and I am expecting a top notch finish from her end at the said segment. She finished 3rd to the Caribbean Game at high jump and also had the opportunity to represent France at Olympics, unfortunately she was injured and could not go far.

Georgia- Viktoria Kocherovi

Such a charming woman! What a personality! This lovely lady is not just a philanthropist, who helps the underprivileged kids to live a better life, but is also a rough and tough persona, who is well trained in wrestling and journalism. She is skilled in ballet dance and horse riding. Indeed a proficent Miss World contestant! I am rooting for her to show wonders in Talent Round and Beauty with a Purpose round.

Hungary- Timea Gelencser

Looking her slender body twist and twirl in magnificent gymnastic poses, I could see another top notch finish of Hungary and the sports segment. She is beautiful and has a vibrant personality to bring Hungary on the map of Miss World pageant once again after 2014.

Russia- Yana Dobrovolskaya

It would not be wrong to say that this year Russia is all set to repeat its last year’s Top 5 feat or who knows might even wear the coveted Miss World crown. Yana, who has often been termed as ‘goddess’ by pageant fanatics because of her ethereal beauty is aspiring to be a choreographer. She has a very cheerful and vibrant personality to shine bright at the pageant.

Scotland- Lucy Kerr

This pretty woman is fun to be around. A cheerleader by profession, Lucy Kerr absolutely adores kids and teaches them dancing. She also has a heart of gold, as she owns a charitable organization which helps in funding the curing therapies of sick and ailimg children.

Spain- Raquel Melendez

Another beautiful contestant from Europe, Spain is not going to settle down for less after last year’s terrific win at Miss World pageant. She is beautiful, poised and elegant and I can definitely see her making place in the semi-finals.

Slovenia- Maja Taradi

Such a strong spirited woman and am sure Miss World Organization is going to say the same when they meet her next week! Maja Taradi is a trained ballet dancer apart from being a model and dental prothesist. She hopes to write a book someday, which reflects this lovely lady has a great story to tell during the closed door interview.

So who do you think will earn the highest placement from Europe at Miss World 2016? Do share your opinions in the comment section below, and I would love to hear them. Till next post, see you!🙂 Stay tuned for more reviews and exciting scoops of Miss World pageant.

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