Find Out How To Pose On Red Carpet Like a True Queen!

Pose Like A Pro On Red Carpet! 

The relationship of a beauty queen and red carpet is inseparable. When you are competing for the crown, you’ll have to visit various events and shows where you would need to walk the red carpet. While it may seem just another part of living the life of a beauty queen, make sure that your red carpet impression not just becomes an everlasting one but also breathtaking one!

Today, I am presenting the best poses my beautiful ladies out there can strike next time when they hit the red carpet! Remember the red carpet photographs are not only about your best wardrobes, hair or makeup but also how confidently you present yourself to camera in your best angles. Ensure that you stand out! So let’s go on the exciting roller coaster ride. 🙂

The Knee Pop


This pose is not just easy to strike but also enchanting and suave! The pose looks good from many angles and doesn’t look contrived at all. If you are wearing eye-catching shoes, this pose will surely help the happy feet garner attention. This pose also highlights your curves in a magnificent way as it shifts all your weight on one leg and drops the other knee forward-center.

The Ankle Cross


ankle cross.jpg

Simple to strike yet filled with fun element, the ankle cross pose is one of its league! If you wish to look 10 pounds thinner and long legged instantly, the ankle cross pose is the right one for you. Step forward and keep your legs tightly over each other, resting your weight on the front foot. Or, lean on your back leg and delicately crisscross your other leg at the ankle. You are sorted!

The Svelte-From-the-Side Stance

svelte from side.jpg

This pose never goes out of fashion, especially if for the beauty pageant ladies! Turn to the side, suck in your tummy, bend one knee, and slightly arch your back! Tilt your head down to one side to complete the glossy S-shape. This pose will redefine your elegance along with making you look slimmer and graceful.

The Over-the-Shoulder

over the shoulder.jpg

Want to flaunt that sexy backless dress? Try the over the shoulder pose! It’s a killer pose to save for extra-special occasions. Just turn away from the lens, plant your feet tightly together, and glance back at your photographer. And there’s the killer glance all over the red carpet!

The Hand on Hip

Hand on hip.jpg

Classic yet effervescent pose! The hand-on-hip always comes across as poised and effortless. How I love this pose! 😉 Just lift your hand, place it on hip and you are good to go! Relax your shoulders and drop them back and away from your ears. Bend your elbow and rest yourself in comfortable position. Voila! You have got a picture perfect pose!

The Double-Handed Hip

double handed hip.jpg

Want to look effortlessly graceful yet sexy at the same time? Then the double handed hip is the right pose for you! This will make you shine as a star on the red carpet leaving you look like the center of attention. Square off your shoulders and stand up straight! Wait a minute! Don’t forget the kittenish gape and devious smile.

The Lean Back

lean back.jpg

If you have a super-slender figure, this pose will lends you a little extra curve mileage. This vava-voom pose creates a hip-jut from the front and an exaggerated S-curve from the rear view, giving a voluptuous illusion. Do not forget to place one foot in front of the other in a slightly angled way and lean slightly backwards, pulling your shoulders down in the process.

The Forward Step

forward step.jpg

This pose will work as a cherry on the cake on your red carpet look! Just believe you are taking jaunty steps forward in front of a mirror and pausing to smile in between. This lovely pose will convincingly appear as if you’re actually walking the red carpet, and that my lady, is the beauty of this pose.

Perfect Patrician Posture

patrician posture.jpg

This is a favorite pose of many beauty queens all around the world! It alludes to an unshakable, composed, confident and poised persona, so what are you waiting for! Stand up straight, lock those knees, square your shoulders back and flaunt that gleamingly radiant smile.

So which is your favorite red carpet pose? Also do not forget to share which beauty queen has impressed you the most in her red carpet appearances till date. Until then, I, Vagisha Mishra sign off waiting to receive your lovely comments and opinions! 🙂

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