Miss World 2016: Will The Crown Go To Africa? (A Review)

Miss World 2016 And Beauties From Africa: A Review!

Miss World 2016 is round the corner and the contestants all over the world are set to hit Washington DC, crammed up with their final packings and fittings. The pageant fanatics across the world are waiting with baited breath for the Miss World pageant to begin, but before that I am here to present my opinions on the beauties of Africa, who will be vying to win the coveted crown of Miss World.

Africa last won its Miss World crown in 2014 when Rolene Strauss of South Africa walked home with the title. This year, I am presenting my views on the African ladies who stole my hearts before the arrivals via their insightful introduction videos and appealing social media. So here it goes!  🙂

Rwanda- Jolly Mutesi

This woman is an absolute show stealer! The way she represents her idea is not only poised but also quite composed. The confidence she carries reflects in her eyes. Winning the best public speaker countrywide in the Young National Entrepreneurs Championship will certainly work as a deal sealer for Jolly Mutesi as she can effortlessly slay the important segment of Miss World pageant, the closed door interview round.

Nigeria- Debbie Collins

She isn’t an unknown face in the world of pageantry! Having participated in Miss Universe 2015, Debbie Colins is a motivational speaker and model by profession apart from being a writer. She has a passion in arts and philanthropy and it reflects! The way she smiles and spreads love around her can simply not be ignored. She quit her job to volunteer for the cancer victims. I believe her regal aura will surely gain an upperhand in “Beauty with a Purpose” and closed door interview rounds.

Seychelles- Christine Barbier

Christine Barbier is an account assistant by profession. Having gained expertise in salsa dance, this woman will surely leave a positive impression during the Talent Round. Another lovely lady to watch for!

South Sudan- Akuany Ayuen

Akuany Ayuen has a bright chance to bag another top notch placement at Miss World, considering the sash factor of the country at the said pageant. She owns an NGO named, “PUSH” which helps the underprivileged kids in attaining education. She is definitely going to win attention through her “Beauty with a Purpose” project, and hence I am rooting for her.

South Africa- Ntandoyenkosi Kunene

It is fabulous to see South Africa becoming a powerful sash in Miss World pageant. Since Rolene Strauss’s win at Miss World 2014, the country has been sending beautiful contestants to the said pageant and Ntandoyenkosi Kunene is no less. Modelesque and suave, she knows how to converse wisely. Being a great model by profession works wonders for Ntandoyenkosi Kunene and I am sure she is going to set a benchmark in the significant segment, the Top Model round. Apart from that, she has a marvellous “Beauty with a Purpose” project, which Miss World Organization will not go unheeded. Thumbs up from my side!

So who do you think will earn the highest placement from Africa at Miss World 2016? Do share your opinions in the comment section below, and I would love to hear them. Till next post, see you! 🙂 Stay tuned for more reviews and exciting scoops of Miss World pageant.

Meanwhile, do not forget to vote for your favourite Miss World 2016 contestant right here at this link.

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