Why Catriona Gray Can Be The Next Miss World?

Catriona Gray: On Her Journey To Win Miss World 2016?

Philippines! A name which we are hearing in the pageantry repeatedly year after year since 2010! And joining this elite sash is now Miss World Philippines 2016, Catriona Gray. Catriona Gray’s win at Miss World Philippines did not come as a surprise and of course for reasons more than one. The Filipino-Australian beauty, who is soon to wear the sash of Philippines in Washington DC this December, is truly a force to reckon with, but can she win the second Miss World crown for Philippines, is something I will talk about. So here it goes! 🙂

Irresistible Facial Beauty

Facially Catriona Gray is quite enchanting and possesses a very regal aura to outshine many other delegates competing for the Miss World 2016 crown. It would not be wrong to say that subsequent to Megan Young, Catriona Gray is one of the prettiest Miss World Philippines to be seen on the Miss World stage.


Striking Personality

Poise is what defines a beauty queen and Catriona Gray does complete justice to this notion. Standing tall and straight as a queen, she reflects elegance. Catriona Gray is truly an epitome of grace.  As a Miss World contestant, she will certainly fetch great applause for her regal aura.

Commendable Eloquence

In her final question and answer round, Catriona opined, “To be a Miss World is to be passed a torch that burns with passion and purpose. If I am to become Miss World Philippines, I will dedicate my voice and essence to carry that torch and to set charitable causes alight, such as my personal advocacy, the Paraiso Bright Beginnings Project. And I would focus on passing on this torch to empower others because I believe together there is no darkness in this world that our light cannot overcome.

Catriona very much fits into the prototype of Miss World. Not only does she have a compassionate voice and striking personality to present her ideas in an articulate way, but she is also a great speaker when it comes to spontaneous interactions.

Fascinating Music Enthusiast

Catriona Gray is quite enthusiastic about music, a feature which can help her gain spotlight during the Talent Round of Miss World pageant. She has a melodious voice, and like a cherry on the cake, she even appeared on the cover of Rogue for their music issue in 2014.

An Appealing Blogger

 Catriona Gray is an exceptional blogger. Her blog is one exciting place where she shares the fascinating ideas about lifestyle, travelling and even cooking. She has some brilliant recipes up on her blog, which reflects that the lady is completely full of life and vitality. The lucidity to present the ideas in a concise yet appealing way makes a blogger successful, and I’m sure this will surely help Catriona when she’ll interact with multitude of people during the Miss World pageant.


A Compassionate Philanthropist

Catriona Gray has been serving as a philanthropist even before she joined Miss World Philippines. She has dedicated herself to the cause named as “Paraiso” which helps the poverty ridden people to overcome their calamities.

A Sizzling Model

There is no denying the fact that Catriona Gray can ace the Top Model round like a pro. Megan Young ended up winning both Top Model Round and the Miss World crown, and I can truly foresee the history being repeated this year.

Catriona Gray is a complete package, and with every facet of her outstanding personality she screams out loud that she is here to rule the world with her “Beauty with a Purpose”. It would not be wrong if we say that she is one of the strongest delegates from Asia competing for the Miss World title right now. What would you say? Pour in your opinions in the comment section below. 🙂

Vagisha Mishra

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