Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia is Miss Grand International 2016

Indonesia Wins Miss Grand International 2016

Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia was crowned as Miss Grand International 2016 on 25th October 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at WestGate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. She succeeds Claire Parker from Australia as the new Miss Grand International and will now continue to serve as an ambassador of peace and goodwill to spread the motto of “Stop the War”.

Ariska Putri Pertiwi becomes the first Asian woman to win the title of Miss Grand International.


During the coronation gala of Miss Grand International 2016, Nicole Cordoves from Philippines was adjudged as the first runner up, Supaporn Malisorn from Thailand was titled as the second runner up, Madison Anderson from Puerto Rico was announced as the third runner up and Michelle León from USA finished as the fourth runner up.

At the grand finale event, the Organization also announced the special awards winner in the pageant. Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia won the Best National Costume award, Selvinique Wright from Bahamas was awarded with Best in Swimsuit, Dianne O. Brown  from Jamaica won Best Social Media Award, Cherelle Rose Patterson from England was awarded Best in Evening Gown award and Yeseul Cho from Korea bagged the Miss Popular Vote award, getting a direct entry to Top 10 semi-finalists of the pageant.

The show began with a magnanimous opening number followed by the announcement of Top 20 quarter-finalists which included-

1. Jamaica- Dianne O. Brown
2. Bahamas- Selvinique Wright
3. Thailand- Supaporn Malisorn
4. Ukraine- Veronika Mykhailyshyn
5. Spain- Adriana Sanchez Rivas
6. Mexico- Paulina Flores Cantú
7. Portugal- Ana Bomfim
8. Venezuela- Debora Medina
9. USA- Michelle León
10. Malaysia- Ranmeet Jassal
11. Cuba- Merys Navarro
12. Peru- Priscila Howard
13. Australia- Dani Fitch
14. Vietnam- Nguyen Thi Loan
15. Puerto Rico- Madison Anderson
16. Indonesia- Ariska Putri Pertiwi
17. Tahiti- Vaiata Buisson
18. Wales- Rachael Tate
19. Philippines- Nicole Cordoves
20. Macau- Hio Man Chan

Thereafter the shortlisted quarter finalists competed in the swimsuit, which then narrowed them down to Top 10 semi-finalists, who were:

1. Korea- Yeseul Cho
2. Indonesia- Ariska Putri Pertiwi
3. Peru- Priscila Howard
4. Philippines- Nicole Cordoves
5. Ukraine- Veronika Mykhailyshyn
6. USA- Michelle León
7. Bahamas- Selvinique Wright
8. Puerto Rico- Madison Anderson
9. Thailand- Supaporn Malisorn
10. Macau- Hio Man Chan

Subsequently, the Top 10 semi-finalists delivered their speech on peace and war, thereafter competing in the evening gown round, leading to the announcement of Top 5 finalists, placing in which were:

1. Puerto Rico- Madison Anderson
2. Philippines- Nicole Cordoves
3. USA- Michelle León
4. Thailand- Supaporn Malisorn
5. Indonesia- Ariska Putri Pertiwi

The Top 5 finalists was ruled by the Asian power with three Asian countries in the court of Miss Grand International 2016 crown! The contestants then underwent the final question and answer round, which lead to the announcement of the winners. As soon as the hosts announced the name of the new Miss Grand International, the crowd went crazy with ecstasy, bursting into massive applause and cheers! Congratulations to the new Miss Grand International! 🙂

Meanwhile, the Organization made a big announcement that Miss Grand International 2017 will take place in Vietnam on October 25, 2017. So let’s wait for another massive hot next year. 🙂

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