Heilymar Rosario from Puerto Rico is Miss Intercontinental 2016

Heilymar Rosario From Puerto Rico Crowned Miss Intercontinental 2016

Heilymar Rosario from Puerto Rico was crowned as Miss Intercontinental 2016 on October 16, 2016 at Stein Studios, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Heilymar Rosario succeeds Valentina Rasulova of Russia as the new Miss Intercontinental.


During the coronation gala, Tracy Ann de Zilva of Sri Lanka was titled the first runner-up, Vera Safoah of Ghana was adjudged the second runner-up, Floriana Russo of Italy was titled the third runner-up and Amal Karina Nemer finished as the fourth runner-up.

Complete Results

Top 15 Semi-Finalists

  1. Puerto Rico- Heilymar Rosario Velázquez
  2. Costa Rica- Maria Amalia Matamoros
  3. Venezuela- Karina Amal Nemer Erched
  4. Colombia- Morales Carvajal Leidy Carolin
  5. Ghana- Vera Safoah
  6. Seychelles- Isabel Lavigne
  7. Thailand- Atitaya Khunnalapat
  8. Philippines- Jennifer Ruth Hammond Alviar
  9. Sri Lanka- Tracy Ann De Zilva
  10. China- Liu Xiaoyan
  11. Italy- Floriana Russo
  12. Czech Republic- Natalie Muslikova
  13. Scotland- Abigail Gliksten
  14. Poland- Paulina Rulka
  15. Ukraine- Valeria Samehylieiwa

Special Awards

  1. Best in National Costume – Miss Thailand Atitaya Kunnalaphat
  2. Best Body – Miss Costa Rica Maria Amalia Matamoros
  3. Miss Congeniality – Miss Bangladesh Fatimatu Zohra Etisha
  4. Miss Photogenic – Miss Puerto Rico Heilymar Rosario Velazquez
  5. Biona Miss Beautiful – Miss Venezuela Amal Karina Nemer
  6. Cinnamon Miss Popularity- Miss Myanmar Ni Ni Naing Win
  7. Miss Hospitality- Miss Seychelles Isabel Lavigne


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