Find Out How To Cope With Depression Like A True Queen!

Sail Your Boat Amidst The Tide of Depression Effortlessly: Not Easy But Not Difficult Too!

At one point of life you may break down like a mirror, wanting to leave everything aside, brushing off your career or an ambition which you once strongly aspired to accomplish! Relax! You are not the only one facing this turmoil. Life of a beauty queen though seems glamorous but can be highly depressing one. You may meet exceedingly non-gracious people or may break down after facing failures, but believe me you are the queen, with or without the crown. Today, I am going to talk about how to cope up with depression while competing in a beauty pageant!

Heard the saying, “The grass always seems greener on the other side,” well it isn’t! Many of you reading this post must be thinking “Voila! Vagisha always talks of being optimistic, but has she ever experienced depression first hand?” Well, nothing to be ashamed off, being depressed is a feeling you experience at some point or the other in your life, at least for once! Life would have been so plain without a pinch of salt and sugar at various intervals. The same happened with me not so long back!

Yes! At one point of time, I felt so devastated that I left everything aside for few days, even my dearest place, my blog! But that was not the right thing to do. Soon after I left the blog blank for few weeks, I received many mails and messages from some of the really gracious readers here, inquisitively asking about my whereabouts and wellness and conveying how much they are missing my writings! That’s when I understood, life is so much beautiful even if some of my wishes remain unfulfilled.

I am sure, everyone has bunch of well wishers around them, who always want to see them in their best state no matter what comes! I soon realized, getting up at the runway after tripping is the sign of a true queen, and that’s when I tasted the essence of life. So let’s go into how to cope up with depression effectively, so that it never haunts you back! 🙂

1. Healing Process Begins From Within

Understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your situation! Speculate and think what went wrong, putting you in such irretrievable condition and improve with every passing moment. Mend your faults, contemplate on your loopholes and let go of what is gone. Focus on future and let past drown in the salty ocean at the back!

2. Cry It Loud

Weeping is not a sign of weakness. It is a purgation of your soul and mind, a cleansing process which I find quite essential in the process of healing. Never keep depressing thoughts in your mind for a long time, it will only worsen your woes. Cry it loud at once and get over with it. Understand nothing can be undone now, and it’s better to accept what comes your way and walk like a queen, never looking back at the destination you have crossed!


3. Stop Cursing Yourself

I know it is highly disappointing to know that you could have avoided yourself to be put in an adverse situation, but why live in “what if’s”. Accept the present, learn from past mistakes and embrace yourself with love. If you can’t love yourself, no one can! 🙂

4. Take a Break

And by break, I do not intend a mainstream party or vacation but an off from the hypocrite world. Keep yourself away from social media for few days and lie down on your couch with your favourite book. Seek the beauty of nature, go on a walk. Spend time in gyming and become a better version of yourself both spiritually and physically. Come back as a warrior!

5. Share Your Emotions

Share what you are feeling with your friends and family. Listen to their advices but work on your whims. Sharing what you are going through help you lose a burden your soul embodies beneath the garb of a fake smile. Don’t hesitate to bring forth your mistakes, but don’t be a damsel in distress. Be bold but not bitchy!


6. Gift Yourself That Favourite Dress

Okay! Now this may sound insane, but trust me shopping is a fabulous therapy. You will feel so much better once you gift yourself your favourite pair of heels or dress once you have started improving with every passing time. Be a better version of yourself and make sure it does not go unheeded by your own soul. 🙂

7. Be Open to New Doors

Always be open to new opportunities and endeavours. I know it hurts to lose something which you completely adore, but life is like a train. It stops at specific destinations to keep the journey ongoing in an adventurous way. Explore the world, who knows you might find a better door than the one being closed! 🙂

8. Never Complaint

It is human nature to curse and curb on what is not meant for us. Be a queen not a bitch! Sometimes life treats us unfairly enough to be described in words, but always remember every failure teaches us a lot which success could never have. As they say “To err is human, and to forgive is divine.” Believe in divinity, and am sure miracles will soon knock your door. Good deeds never go unpaid! 🙂

So that is how I deal with stress and depression, I hope it gives a ray of hope to millions of pageant aspirants out there. Now let’s find out how other beauty queens deal with stress and depression.

Lately, I got an occasion to interact with Cherity Bhagoe, 1st Runner Up at Reina Intercontinental 2015 and Athaliah Samuel, Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2012, wherein I asked them how they deal with depression. Let’s see what the former beauty queens have to say!

Athaliah Samuel (Former Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2012, Miss Intercontinental Trinidad and Tobago 2014, Top Model T&T 2015 and Best Model of the Year T&T 2016)-


“Not everyone is built for the race of life and the Boulders it throws at you. My suggestive ABC for dealing with depression are-

A- attitude- change it!! It every time you see yourself as nothing you will dwell on being nothing. Your attitude plays a big role on seeing you through and making better.

B- Believe- Believe in God, and also add him to all things around you. The moment you believe that God is by your side and can see you through, that’s when that weight raises off of your shoulders.

C- Charity- Give back!! You don’t always need to give money or things that you have but lending your experience in things that you’ve faced can save yours and other people’s lives. Depressed people tend to hold things in but the best way to deal with matters is talking about it. Probably somewhere out there someone may have a solution to your problem and or your story may let others know they aren’t the only one who goes through things as such. Hi brave!

Quite much but necessary”

Chaerity Bhagoe (Reina Intercontinental 2015 First Runner Up)-


“We all hit a certain point in life where we just want to give up and let it all sink. I had this moment as well. After being out for almost a year I came back and now I’m stronger than ever. The lesson I’ve learned is to never give up on your dreams. Even if it won’t happen right away, eventually it will. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

So before you hit to drinking, smoking, hooking up with some random guy or self harming, just close your eyes and think are you yet there where you once thought to be? If not, fasten your seat belt and ride on the roller coaster of life, I am sure it will take you to greater places if not the same where you once wanted to be!

And if you still feel low, write an email to your blogger buddy, I am always there to lend you a shoulder and peter out your insecurities! 🙂 Till next blog post, see you soon!

Vagisha Mishra

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