Nadine Ossama is Miss World Egypt 2016

Nadine Ossama Crowned Miss Egypt World 2016

Nadine Ossama was crowned as Miss Egypt World 2016 on September 18, 2016. Nadine Ossama succeeds Miss World Egypt 2015, Lara Debbane and will now represent Egypt in the upcoming edition of Miss World 2016 in United States in the coming December, wherein Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain will crown her successor.

miss world egypt 2016.jpg

At the same event, Merehan Gamal was crowned as Miss Egypt Tourism, Sandra Saeed was adjudged as Miss Egypt International, Rewan Alaa was titled as Miss Eco Egypt and Mireille Azer was announced as Miss Egypt Grand.

During the coronation gala of Miss World Egypt 2016, many special awards were also allocated to the contestants vying for the title-

  1. Miss Talent – Mannat Mahmoud
  2. Miss Fitness – Salma Hesham
  3. Miss Charity and Goodwill – Sawsane Mohamed
  4. Miss Elegant – Heba Samy
  5. Miss Healthy Look – Asma Faheem
  6. Miss Beautiful Smile – Nourhan Ahmed
  7. Miss Popular – Aysel Khaled
  8. Miss Congeniality – Esraa El Masry
  9. Miss Personality – Dina Helmy
  10. Miss Photogenic – Cindrella Samy

Antigone Costanda is the only Miss World from Egypt, who was crowned as Miss World in the year 1954.

Do you think the newly crowned Miss World Egypt, Nadine Ossama will take home the crown of Miss World this year?

Meet The Contestants of Miss World 2016 Here!

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