Miss Earth India 2016- Final Hotpicks

Final Thoughts Over Miss Earth India 2016

Miss Earth India 2016 is scheduled to take place on September 10, 2016. During the conclusion of Miss Earth India 2016, the reigning Miss Earth India, Aaital Khosla will pass on her crown to her successor. The winner will represent India at Miss Earth 2016 in Philippines in October later this year, where the reigning Miss Earth, Angelia Gabrena Ong will be crowning her successor.

While only few days are left for the crowning of next Miss Earth India, I am here with my final hotpicks showcasing contestants who have the prowess to shine at the grand finale of Miss Earth India 2016 and perform exceptionally at Miss Earth 2016.

1. Rashi Yadav

Rashi Rao

Rashi Yadav is the one who could do complete justice to the title of Miss Earth India 2016. In her transition from Miss Diva 2015 to Miss Earth India 2016, Rashi has evolved tremendously in a magnificent way. With a bang on toned body and fierce aura, she will give the contestants at Miss Earth 2016 a run for money. Not only is she photogenic but she is also great at ramp. India has not been placing at Miss Earth pageant since last five years and Rashi Yadav can be a great comeback of India at Miss Earth pageant.

2. Shaan Suhas Kumar

Shaan Suhas Kumar.

Shaan’s biggest asset is her perseverance. She is undoubtedly devoted to the motto of “Beauties for a Cause” and has been spreading awareness regarding environmental issues across the globe quiet enthusiastically via significant seminars and workshops not merely in India but in different countries. Her hard work will certainly get paid off. She is smart and knows how to play her cards. (Read Shaan’s Interview With TKOP Here!)

3. Chum Darang

Chum Amaterasu Darang

With her congenial aura and vivacious smile, this North East beauty knows how to traverse on the road of challenges. She is eloquent and is determined to make her presence felt. Definitely a crown contender! (Read Chum’s Interview With TKOP Here!)

4. Saumya Singh 

Saumya Singh.

Saumya Singh is another strong contestant who is making her presence resonate at Miss Earth 2016. Having a toned body and strong experience of being one of the finalists at Femina Miss India Delhi 2016 she is not only confident but highly polished.

5. Bhavyata Sharma

Bhavyata Sharma

Smart, suave and voguish, Bhavyata Sharma is the one who will turn your head million times. She has a charming appeal to dazzle at any pageant.

Dazzling on sixth spot is Pallavi Sirohi. Pallavi is fierce and surely has the “it” factor in her personality to shine. At seventh position is Kirti H. Pingale. With a smile that stones you with charm, Kirti is definitely in the race to clinch the crown of Miss Earth India 2016. Apurva KumarleyShwetha V. Gadad and Tanwi Dixit are another wonderful contestants to watch for.

Who do you think could be the next Miss Earth India? Do share your opinions via this poll. 🙂

Meet The Contestants of Miss Earth 2016

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