Miss Diva 2016- Final Hotpicks And Concluding Review!

Miss Diva 2016 Final Thoughts and Impressions! 

Miss Diva 2016 is walking towards finale in all vigour. The battle of Miss Universe India crown will end in a week and I am here with my final picks for the crown after going through all the candid and official videos and pictures.

Winning Miss Diva crown is not a cakewalk as India is under huge pressure to get back into game hence Miss Diva Organization will surely not take a risk. Moreover, with such a strong batch, the winner of Miss Diva 2016 will certainly be a head turner! So lets unfold my final picks for the crown, here it goes!

1. Heena Bhalla

heena bhalla ss.jpg

On first spot is Heena Bhalla. Heena Bhalla has improved beautifully in her course of Miss Diva 2016 journey. She has an impeccable dressing sense and is quiet photogenic, a factor which would be loved by WME/IMG. She has good rampwalk and has a personality that demands attention. She could bring back placement to India at Miss Universe pageant.

2. Natasha Bharadwaj

natasha bharadwaj

On second position is Natasha Bharadwaj. There is no denying the fact that this lady is out rightly perfect. Be it her spontaneity or her charismatic aura which screams talent, she is bang on the point. It is a very close fight between her and Heena, and if Natasha walks home with Miss Universe India crown I will not at all be surprised. Expect another good placement of India at Miss Universe if Natasha wins it all. I would love to see her wearing the sash of India at Miss Universe 2016!

3. Sakshma Srivastav

sakshma srivastav

Shining in the third spot is Sakshma Srivastav. Sakshma’s confidence and vivaciousness are her biggest assets, and she has certainly managed to pull off a major attention at Miss Diva 2016 with her unimpeachable personality. She never fails to impress, be it photoshoot or any candid or official video.

4. Srinidhi Shetty

srinidhi shetty

Dazzling at the fourth spot is Srinidhi Shetty. Her congenial aura, warm smile and poised yet serene personality will make you love her more and more. She definitely has the prowess to shine at an international platform and if she misses the bull’s eye this year, I would love to see her again at Femina Miss India, competing to win the Miss World India or Miss Grand India title. She has the spark!

5. Ishita Sachdeva

Ishita Sachdeva ss

Gleaming on the fifth position is Ishita Sachdeva. This Campus Princess winner is a head turner because of her bubbly aura. She looks lovely in the candid videos and pictures, and her personality always seems to grow and evolve with every passing day.

6. Roshmitha Harimurthy

roshmitha harimurthy

Sparkling on the sixth number is Roshmitha Harimurthy. She is calm and composed and holds a great stage presence.

7. Avantika Masand

avantika masand

Glittering on the seventh spot is Avantika Masand. Young and sparkling, Avantika has a kind of aura which will make you adore her more and more.

8. Sophiya Singh

sophiya singh

Completing the eighth and final spot of Miss Diva 2016 final hotpicks is none other than Sophiya Singh. Sophiya is quiet gregarious person and having experienced an international pageant first hand, she knows how to walk on the alleyway of pageantry. She will certainly make her place in the finalists spot.

Tell The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, who is your favourite to win the title of Miss Universe India 2016 in this poll right here. The voting ends on September 2, 2016 at 12:00 AM, so hurry and make your favourite win the poll!



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