Who Is The Best Speaker of Miss Diva 2016? A Review!

The Eloquent Personalities of Miss Diva 2016- A Review of Introduction Videos!

The introduction videos of Miss Diva 2016 contestants are finally out! With the advent of WME/IMG at Miss Universe, the trends seem to be changing and one amongst the prominent changes is the communication skill. Unlike last few years where barely confidence of the delegate was the key to crown her as winner, WME/IMG now aspires to crown a woman who has a vision for the society as she stands on the biggest platform of the world, the Miss Universe pageant. Hence, one can now never negate the eloquence in a Miss Universe delegate.

The introduction videos give the clear and transparent idea of the calibre the contestants possess. So I hereby begin my review on the introduction videos. While assessing the introduction videos of the contestants, the focus was not only on the content of the speech, but also on the confidence, spontaneity, accent, presence in camera, expressions and body language. I will start with the elaboration of the girls, who impressed me with their wits and elegance, the most!

Natasha Bharadwaj

Natasha Bharadwaj

If you were to ask me who is the best speaker of Miss Diva 2016 batch? Hands down! Natasha wins this fair and square. What makes her a stand out is her individuality. She does not try too hard to come in spotlight and is also not too casual in her approach. Unlike other candidates who keep uttering some philosophical quotes in their introduction videos, Natasha kept it specifically about herself, which is why I would give her a ten on ten. Natasha’s introduction video indicates that she understands the literal and figurative meaning of “introduction”.

Natasha makes a beautiful eye contact with the camera and her voice pitch is outstanding. Her words reflect her confidence and elegance. Unlike other girls who go on to define their cities, Natasha beautifully takes the platform to talk about her hobbies, what she likes and how is she different from others. Unlike many contestants who portray themselves as bold and fierce, and in the process end up trying too hard, Natasha slays it with her simplicity. She is certainly one to watch for!

Sakshama Srivastav

Sakshama Srivastav

The gorgeous diva knows how to talk at the camera. She is confident, spontaneous and vibrant. She talks about her individuality and introduces herself as a person. Unlike other candidates who have a very generic and common introduction, Sakshama talks about her specific likes and dislikes, thereby proving her spontaneity in communication skills. Her bold eye contact makes her look all the more enticing. She is on the right track!

Srinidhi Shetty

Srinidhi Shetty

Srinidhi Shetty was absolutely marvellous in her introduction video. I loved her composure, her playful eyes and wonderful voice. She came across as an incredibly confident woman. She seems to communicate with the audience and that is what gives her an upper hand. She is interacting in a factual way. She unfolds her hobbies and leisure pursuits in a subtle yet beautiful manner.

Roshmitha Harimurthy

Roshmitha Harimurthy

Roshmitha as usual appears confident in her introduction video. She is audible, clear and lucid as she keeps forward her ideas before the audience. She interacts with the audience very well, but somewhere the speech came across as a bit rehearsed.

Heena Bhalla

Heena Bhalla

Heena Bhalla communicates very well with the audience. She is lively, energetic and vivacious. She is audible and is certainly quite confident. However, seeing her hands swaying too much while talking was distracting and the pageant enthusiasts expected to see a lot more of her, considering she is a major front runner for the title of Miss Universe India. Keeping that aside, she is wonderful in her communication approach.

Which introduction video won your hearts? Do not forget to share in the comment section, who is the most witty persona of Miss Diva 2016 batch! The first hotpicks of Miss Diva 2016 will soon be released! So, stay tuned! 🙂

Also  tell The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, who is your favourite to win the title of Miss Universe India 2016 in this poll right here. The voting ends on September 2, 2016 at 12:00 AM, so hurry and make your favourite win the poll!

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