An Exclusive Interview With Manoj Rangan, National Director of Miss Glam India

In a Conversation With Manoj Rangan- National Director of Miss Glam India

Miss Glam India 2016 in its first edition is geared up to shape budding talents of India to claim an opportunity of representing India at Miss Cosmopolitan International 2016, Miss United Nation International 2016, Miss Global United International 2016 and Asia Pacific Queen of Substance.

The glittering event is headed by none other than young and inspiring Manoj Rangan, who hopes to bring laurels to India through his fresh talent. Lately, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry got a chance to interact with Manoj Rangan, whereby he talked about Miss Glam India pageant, its objective and principles. Let us have a look!

Congratulations, Manoj for acquiring the franchise of Miss Glam India. How are you gearing yourself up for the voyage?

Thank you Vagisha!!! 🙂 I am a little too ambitious, am postgraduate in Bioinformatics, dropped pursuing Doctoral degree, resigned my job being a researcher and took up my passion in Photography and Fashion. This is a wonderful voyage to me sailing in a boat filled with dreams, it’s not only me but also it’s a journey with so many young talents. I am just a captain in this journey guiding and directing the young girls achieve their dream. It is not an easy journey but it’s with lots of hurdles in managing and organizing a pageant. I have a wonderful team to support me through this journey. Me and my team are working hard to make this pageant a wonderful experience to all the contestants and the audience. 🙂

Please tell us more about Miss Glam India. How did it come into existence? What is the principle of the event?

Things were usual way before in 2013 when I was working for a research based company, I used to do freelance photography for fashion shows managing my research and my passion. It all happened when me and my bestie Sujeesh Shanmughan (Fashion Designer) sat down on a Saturday evening watching movie on my laptop where Sujeesh happened to see my photographs and was very impressed. We planned on starting a small business having things common for both of us Couture on Roll meaning High Fashion on Photography. Things grew much bigger and with days and CóutuRóll Fashion Hub Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in the months of Sep, 2014 where we provide multiple services under one roof such as Beauty Pageant Training, Fashion Photography and Apparel Designing. CóutuRóll initially started its Pageant Training under Queens & Crowns where we found success within 6 months seeing our students win regional pageants and also made a great remark in National and International Pageants. We proposed the annual beauty pageant “Miss Glam India” to choose delegates to represent India at Various International Platforms. This is our first edition of Miss Glam India which is gonna create awareness and recognition in the Pageantry World.

Manoj with Parvathy Omanakuttan.jpg
Manoj Rangan with Parvathy Omanakuttan (Miss World 2008 First Runner Up)

CóutuRóll is in search of such young talent who has the passion for pageants and hard work with brains. We strive to create a centralized bureau that can effectively cater its services to the day-to-day needs in the pageantry world. Our basic principle is no matter what background one comes from, 5.5 not being the min height requirement, skin tone is never a criteria. All we look for is a passionate princess whom we groom her to be a Beauty Queen.

What are your prime objectives for the pageant? What kind of representative are you looking forward to?

Regardless of the population of our country it’s a challenge to find a woman who is not just physically attractive but also good from heart. The prime objective of Miss Glam India is to find that one sportive talent who is dedicated, intelligent, hard working, independent and aware of her responsibilities. The representative whom we are looking forward must be a well spoke person who will carry the honor of representing India on an International platform. She must be aware of her duties, be highly motivated and carry herself gracefully which would make our country proud.

Tell us more about your team. Who will grace the panel of official designer and trainer for the pageant?

CóutuRóll is not only about young but also fresh talent. I have a young team who are more energetic, intelligent, creative and perfectionists. My fellow event director of Miss Glam India and I are well connected in the pageant industry and media circles. We have Mrs. United Nation International 2016 – Dr. Amrit Kaler associated with this pageant. Top models like Aileena Catherin Amon, Elizabeth Thadikaran, Namitha Aradhya are also part of the grooming sessions… you can make sure that the girls crowned at Miss Glam India 2016 will have the best of the best when it comes to preparations for International Pageants. Our goal every year would be to win more crowns for India.

CóutuRóll being a fashion hub has its own designer wears; Mr. Sujeesh Shanmughan is heading the team. Apart from our own designs we are also in touch base with few national recognized designers who have come forward to be the designer partners… Partners will be revealed before the pageant  🙂  ha ha ha

How is Miss Glam India different from other pageants in India in terms of agenda and objectives?

Miss Glam India mainly focuses on grooming fresh talent and giving those deserving candidates an opportunity to live their dreams. Our tag line itself says it all “A New Journey for Fresh Talent”. This pageant is purely for those young girls who badly want to bring back International Crowns to India (Miss Universe, Miss World etc…) but one thing they lag back is preparation for the pageants… and this is where Miss Glam India comes into picture… We scout the girls and train them for Miss Glam India pageant, later divide them and train for a year which would give them enough confidence to participate in different national and international pageants. We don’t mind going our way out to help those girls in whatever way possible to support them during the grooming session with their 100% dedication.

Manoj 2.jpg

What training criteria are you providing to your contestants and delegates under the pageant?

CóutuRóll is associated with many firms to train the girls in every best possible way. We have scheduled different classes for the finalists everyday during their grooming classes. The contestants will have to undergo fitness training along with catwalk classes, nutrition and diet guidance, personality development, softskill training, social media interaction, beauty with purpose, acting and dance classes. We would also focus on training them for Question & Answer round which is very important for the girls to prepare themselves where they would be judged at National and International pageants. Apart from all these we have lot of entertainment sessions for the girls including mind games, talent rounds etc.

What message would you like to give to the pageant enthusiasts, who are reading this interview?

CóutuRóll is very happy for the love and support we have been getting from the contestants, sponsors and the pageantry fans. I would like to mention to all the girls out there that – with young talent and fresh thoughts we bring to you a remarkable change in how pageants are conducted. We believe that a true beauty lies within us and if we work hard to interlink the external and inner beauty… that’s the perfect combination what a pageant winner needs. I am confident that we will have a promising titleholder who will be well prepared and proud to represent India on International platforms. To keep up with our journey in Miss Glam India please make sure you like our official Facebook page – Miss Glam India 2016. Last but not the least I would like to thank all the fans and viewers for their support, thank you Kaleidoscope of Pageantry (Thanks Vagisha).

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