5 Things No One Told You About Pageant Perfect Nails!

Episode 8: How To Keep Your Nails Impressive in a Pageant? 

If you are a pageant girl, I am sure you must have strike out the checklist of makeup, shoes and dresses by now. But hey, what about your nails? As a pageant girl you need to change your attire quite often, as a consequence keeping up your nails neat and elegant for a pageant could be a Herculean task.

If you fail to pay attention to the appearance of your nail, you could end up having a curtailed look and being an aspiring beauty queen it can actually cost you a big deal. So today I am going to talk about the ideal nails for a beauty pageant, and how to get the pageant perfect nails with ease!

1. Never Go For Loud Nail Colour

Pageant perfect nails are the ones which are not distracting or off-putting. Keep your nails simple and sober. Never go for loud nail colours, instead try to opt a French Manicure or paint up your nails in neutral colours or something complimenting your skin tone, which may not be distracting. If you go for loud colours, the attention of judges might go to your fingers straight away and of course for the wrong reasons.

olivia culpo.jpg
Olivia Culpo Wore a Natural Shade Nail Paint at Miss Universe 2012

2. Manicure is Imperative

The appearance of your nails and your hand as whole is crucial whenever you are competing in a pageant. Your hands would be the first thing people will notice when you will meet them and shake your hands while introducing yourself for the first time. From day to day pre-pageant activities your hands will certainly play a vital role in shaping an impression about your personality, so make sure you get fine acrylic or gel manicure before you leave for a pageant. A beautiful hand is the mirror of your beautiful personality.

3. What is the Ideal Length of Nails?

Never go for crazy long nails like a wild cat, the frenzy length of nails can give a bitchy impression about you to the judges. Remember you are not Kim Kardashian flaunting stylish long nails at Instagram but a pageant aspirant competing to be the spokesperson of a particular organization, and in this case the perceptions do differ! In contrary to long nails, simple and short nails give modest impression about your personality, giving the vibe that the lady is not trying too hard to grab attention, but rather is effortlessly beautiful.

megan young.jpg
Megan Young Kept Her Nail Short at Miss World 2013

4. Elegant Nails Keep The Attention Intact To Your Face

Simple and sober nails that are not too long or not painted in loud colours, keep the attention of the audience intact to your beautiful face. Winning a pageant requires confident gaze and you can effectively establish a wonderful eye contact only when the audience and judges gaze at your pretty face and not at your long and loud nails. Remember matching nail paints is a no-no for pageant.

5. Say No To Nail Art

I have met many women who keep trying different nail arts on their nails while putting flowers, stars or an assortment of different nail accessories. I know it can be fun for many of you, but at the pageant it does not give a right impression about your personality. Please do not experiment with nail arts while competing in a pageant. Keep your finger and toe nails simple!

More on French Manicure and perfect shades of nail colors for pageant in coming weeks! Till then, stay tuned! 🙂

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