Karlie Hay is Miss Teen USA 2016

Karlie Hay From Texas Wins Miss Teen USA 2016

Karlie Hay from Texas was crowned Miss Teen USA 2016  on July 30, 2016 at the Venetian Theater in the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Karlie Hay was crowned by the outgoing queen, Katherine Haik from Louisiana.

Karlie Hay is the third woman from Texas to win the Miss Teen USA title, the former two being Christie Lee Woods, Miss Teen USA 1996 and Danielle Doty, Miss Teen USA 2011. Texas is one of the most successful states at Miss Teen USA having had eighteen semi-finalists.

Miss Teen USA 2016 Texas

During the Final Question and Answer Round, musician and judge Savannah Keyes wanted to know from Karlie Hay that what should the future president tackle with teens first, to which Miss Texas Teen USA gracefully replied, “Peer pressure, hands down,” Karlie further addressed the problem arising due to drinking, drugs and partying. She opined, “The next president needs to confront this issue and tell teens that you need to be yourself and be a leader and of course the next Miss Teen USA needs to be a leader.

The show was judged by eminent jury panel which comprised of Eva Marie, Hilary Cruz, Keylee Sanders,Lu Parker and Savannah Keyes. The show was hosted by none other than former Miss USA, Olivia Jordan and Cody JohnsThe musical performer of the coronation night of Miss Teen USA 2016 was American Idol winner, Nick Fradiani.

Complete Results

Top 5 Finalists

  1. Winner- Texas- Karlie Hay
  2. First Runner Up- North Carolina – Emily Wakeman
  3. Second Runner Up- South Carolina – Marley Stokes
  4. Third Runner Up- Alabama – Erin Snow
  5. Fourth Runner Up- Nevada – Carissa Morrow

Top 15 Semi-Finalists

  1. Alabama- Erin Snow
  2. California-Athenna Crosby
  3. Delaware-Emily Hutchison
  4. Georgia-Bentley Wright
  5. Illinois-Olivia Pura
  6. Louisiana-Ellie Picone
  7. Missouri-Dallas Ezard
  8. Nevada-Carissa Morrow
  9. North Carolina-Emily Wakeman
  10. Ohio-Olivia Turk
  11. South Dakota-Makenzie Falcon
  12. South Carolina-Marley Stokes
  13. Tennessee-Savannah Chrisley
  14. Texas-Karlie Hay
  15. Vermont-Tammy Vujanovic

Special Awards

  1. Most Artistic- Louisiana-Ellie Picone
  2. Most Likely to be a Reality Star- Tennessee-Savannah Chrisley
  3. Class Clown- California-Athenna Crosby
  4. Best Smile- Alabama- Erin Snow
  5. Most Unique- Hawaii- Joahnnalee Ucol
  6. Most Likely To Become President- South Dakota-Makenzie Falcon
  7. Most Outgoing- Rhode Island- Malia Cruz
  8. Best Hair- Georgia- Bentley Wright
  9. Most Athletic- Nevada- Carissa Morrow
  10. Celebrity Look Alike- Texas- Karlie Hay
  11. Best Laugh- Washington- Clarie Wright
  12. Best Dressed- Mississippi-Lauren Rymer
  13. Best Eyes- New Jersey-Gina Mellish

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