An Interview With Shreyja Pratik Mhatre Miss Multinational India 2016

In a Conversation with Shreyja Pratik Mhatre- Miss Tiara India Multinational 2016

Crowned as Miss Tiara India Multinational 2016 few months back, Shreyja Pratik Mhatre is all set to represent India at Miss Multinational 2016 in Philippines this year. In an exclusive interview with The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, Shreyja Pratik Mhatre discusses about her goals and ambitions for the forthcoming journey. Have a look!

Hello, Shreyja! Heartiest congratulations on being crowned as Miss Tiara India Multinational 2016. How does it feel to have won the crown?

Hello, firstly I want to thank The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry for giving me a chance for  bringing my thoughts in the light of people, secondly it’s an honor and a privilege and of course a dream come true for me to represent my country in an international level. To be honest I never thought life would give me such a huge opportunity,it feels amazing to have worn and won this crown of Miss India Multinational and I am very excited to be a part of this pageant.

How are you celebrating this moment of ecstasy?

It was my mother’s dream to see me representing my country internationally, it has finally come true. My family is happy, my loved ones are happy, there are blessings showering over me, what could be a better celebration than happiness! I feel extremely overwhelmed and happy.


How did you react when you earned the crown and title, and ultimately the right to represent your country at Miss Multinational pageant? What was your first reaction?

I was absolutely shocked when I got to know that I was going international for the first time ever in my life, I am nervous(butterfly in my stomach) as well as excited to be a part of this pageant. This title and this crown both are precious, I have to live with it throughout and do so much for my nation, nothing can be better than earning something with your own hard work.

How are you preparing yourself for the pageant? Tell us more about your training program.

I have been doing four things all together, attending my college lectures, doing modelling assignments, learning classical music (singing), going to the gym and getting trained for this pageant. I don’t get a single day for myself. Yes about my pageantry training, my grooming sessions include language improvement, ramp walk improvement, improving on body language and speaking skills. My focus is on the over all development to become stronger and sharper and better as an individual.

Tell us something about your veiled personality. When did you first realize to walk on the alleyway of pageantry?

About my veiled personality, well there are lot of things I like to do. I am a Bollywood freak, my life is inspired by characters and lot of people don’t know about me is that I sing old Bollywood melodies. I am a huge fan of old films and music, I follow legends like Lata Mangeshkar (titled as the Nightangle of India) ,her younger sister Asha Bhosle, Rafiji and Kishore Kumar (Kishore Da).

I am blessed with a talented person in my life and that is my father who has been training me for my Vocals and giving me knowledge since my childhood. My mother had always dreamt of me being a pageant winner, she loves Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.


When I was a kid she used to tell me that Shraa you can be Miss World , I want to see you wearing that Crown, look at Aish (Aishwarya) She is so beautiful, she has a great heart, she is a Bollywood actress and Miss World. She is miss World because she is overall beautiful, from outside as well as inside.

That was a time when I didn’t took pageants seriously. I was definitely a model from my heart, a Bollywood diva from my heart, but Pageants ? When I grew up I won prizes as a singer in my school, I was a superstar, I was a part of singing, acting, dancing and drama sports almost all the activities, later  there was a phase when I was in college where I almost lost track of my talents, I got into depression, I didn’t know what to do with life. I was influenced, I felt like I was wasting my life, doing nothing ,when I came to Degree college in my First year I saw girls participating for Fashion shows, I thought that even I wanted to be a part of it,if those girls can do that,then why can’t I?

My college life was/is full of high status people who had lot of contacts, I felt bad ,I felt insecure to sit in my college, life was miserable, then came Miss Navi Mumbai 2015, a life changing pageant, I learnt how to walk (thanks to Miss Sparsha Deshpande ), how to talk (thanks to Mr. Gurmeet Gahra), how to socialize. Soon taking over my college fashion show and being a show stopper for several shows, Yes I was a changed human being, later I won the title of Miss Tiara India Multinational, which was a national pageant, my confidence multiplied. I am a model now, a better girl/woman altogether, who has aims in life, this was when I realized that Pageants are life changing, they are about challenging your weaknesses ,overcoming them and transforming into being a better person.

When you initially embarked on the journey of pageantry, what were the challenges you faced? How did you managed to overcome all the intricacies?

Initially I faced a lot of problems, firstly I had to give up on my favorite food, adjust college lectures and handle both college and modelling,sacrifice sleep, travelling from college to shooting destinations because my college is almost 2 and half hours ahead of my place so travelling becomes an issue. Doing all this was a problem at first but I guess now I am used to to all this. I learnt to tackle, I learnt that without struggle nothing is possible, you have to keep struggling till you get desired results. All my college friends would eat pizza, burger, go out for movies, hang out but I would shoot,so that I can pay for my own bills and not ask for money from my mother again and again,but that bliss of buying your own things from your own money is so different, you learn to value those things even more. Another thing that I have learnt is that you have to learn to adjust in whatever situation that God gets you into,enjoy every bit of it, and be productive always.

Who is your source of inspiration and how has he/she helped you to evolve as a beauty queen?

My mother is compassionate, hardworking, kind, loving and thoughtful. She believes in Values, truth and positivity and most importantly eating right. She always tells me that be kind, and love everybody, doesn’t matter whether if a person is rich or poor, treat everyone equally. Work for people, respect everyone, do not hurt anybody, love yourself, you will get everything you want,follow thoughts of great leaders, take good values from everyone, work for the betterment of the world. WORK FOR THE WORLD are her golden words. And please eat right,do not starve yourself. She was the one who forced me to get into Miss Navi Mumbai,took me out of depression,when I have any sort of problem in my life I make sure to share it with her, she is the strongest pillar of my life, she helped me evolve and helped me find my hidden self,I am the exact replica of her,we look similar and also think the same way, great thoughts make great people you see.


What is the most important feature according to you, which every beauty queen must possess?

Beauty fades with age, beauty is supposed to be in a person’s mind and soul,the most important feature that a beauty Queen should possess is having Compassion towards living beings. Without this quality, a queen is never beautiful.

What message would you like to give to the pageant enthusiasts reading this interview?

Always remember Pageants are a life changing experience in changing ones personality. Learning makes you a responsible person. Pageants can change you as a whole. Winning and losing is another part of it, but experiencing certain challenges , developing from within makes you a successful person. Pageants bring out your true selves. Sometimes, it helps you face fears, increase your confidence and yes realize your social responsibility as a person. So don’t give up, always keep trying and stay positive and follow your crazy dreams is all I want to say to a pageant enthusiast.


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