An Exclusive Interview With Divya Bagaytkar- Miss Heritage International India 2016

In a Conversation with Divya Bagaytkar- Miss Tiara India Heritage International 2016

Divya Bagaytkar, who will be soon representing India at Miss Heritage International 2016 is all geared up with optimism, vibrancy and elegance to showcase the heritage of India in an inexplicably wonderful way.

Crowned few weeks back as Miss Tiara India Heritage International 2016, Divya in the latest interview with The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry unfolds her dreams and aspirations for the forthcoming journey. Let us have a look at the inspiring words of the beauty queen.

Hello, Divya! Heartiest congratulations on being crowned as Miss Tiara India Heritage International 2016. How does it feel to have won the crown?

Thank you so much, the feeling of winning the crown as Miss Tiara India Heritage International 2016 is a dream came true for me. It’s my honour and responsibility and my duty to work as a beauty queen for the safety and care of my Country’s heritage which is my country’s pride and strength and I felt proud that I have been selected as the queen of my Country’s Heritage India.


How are you celebrating this moment of ecstasy?

I am enjoying every bit of it, by sharing my joy of victory with my parents, friends and of course Tiara India organization and I’m working hard to make this joyous victory as success for my nation.

How did you react when you earned the crown and title, and ultimately the right to represent your country at Miss Heritage International pageant? What was your first reaction?

I pinched myself is it a dream or reality it took me time to realize that ohh I have won the crown and title as Miss Tiara India Heritage International 2016 and I have been crowned as the heritage queen of my country and my first reaction was ok. My tears couldn’t stop rolling from my eyes it was just like a dream which I have dreamt of and which became the reality.

How are you preparing yourself for the pageant? Tell us more about your training program.

I am working very hard for Miss Heritage International 2016. My training program compromises of two hours of fitness training compiled with a diet plan, reading motivational and inspiring books, one hour everyday ramp walk training and training myself for public speaking and interview round and of course watching as many as video’s of beauty pageants and having lectures with image consultants too who basically guides me in fashion and styling.

Tell us something about your veiled personality. When did you first realize to walk on the alleyway of pageantry?

I am much focused kind of person, when I set a goal I work hard to achieve it but with lots of patience and determination, being a psychologist by profession I always had the desire to do something good for my society. During my graduating years I realized that I should enter beauty pageants because I was always driven to help and motivate people and I just thought beauty pageants give women the beautiful platform to connect and communicate with people around them and a chance to be the representative speaker of my country.

When you initially embarked on the journey of pageantry, what were the challenges you faced? How did you managed to overcome all the intricacies?

My journey was not at all easy ,even though I had a dream from childhood to represent my country  internationally but I faced many challenges as been a studious girl I was always into researches and studying theories related to psychology and when I initially decided I want to be a beauty queen now ramp walk was a challenge for me because I have never previously worn 6 inches heels in my life and posed like a model with elegance, poise, grace and confidence , I faced these intricacies by practicing. I think everything we determine to achieve, practice is the first step to overcome it with sheer concentration.

IMG_8062 (1).JPG

Who is your source of inspiration and how has he/she helped you to evolve as a beauty queen?

My source of inspiration is Miss Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. She inspired me that you should never give up on your dreams and you should always keep trying. She herself tried for Miss Philippines three times prior to been selected as a representative of her country at Miss Universe. She is the one who inspires me to work hard towards my dream.

What is the most important feature according to you, which every beauty queen must possess?

For me smile is the most important feature every beauty queen must possess, because when you smile you walk with confidence and initially it shows your kindest way of approaching crowd and it really makes you tension free and make you to believe in yourself.

What message would you like to give to the pageant enthusiasts reading this interview?

One message I would like to give them is that they should never give up on their dreams, hard work, determination, working patiently with a belief in themselves and acquiring prior knowledge is the key to success by focusing on micro targets first then embarking towards a grand victory.


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