How To Get A Pageant Winning Smile?

Episode 7: Smile to Shine! 

Ever saw a beauty queen without smile? That is an insane question, well isn’t it? So today when I recommence with the weekend pageant tutorial, I thought let’s start back with the tutorial on the queenly SMILE! ❤

Being a beauty queen is all about grace, and the grace comes from a gorgeous queenly smile. So how to smile naturally yet regally, today we are going to deal with it!

1. How To Smile Continuously?

Smiling continuously at stage is not as easy at seems. Smiling constantly can make your jaw muscles quiver, but there are ways to keep up the smile naturally enhanced without making it look stiff. So as often as you smile when in spotlight, try to take a break in the meantime by bringing your lips together momentarily to give your muscles a rest. Return to your smile naturally and steadily.

2. Practice Smiling in Front of Mirror

Every woman has a different facial structure and accordingly the jaw line differs from person to person, hence it is impossible to imitate someone’s smile. You must be gravely aware of how wide you should open your mouth for smiling. How to smile when at interviews, how to smile when at the stage and eventually how to smile when you are in a conversation with your fellow contestants! You need to learn the entire art of smiling. Fix an appointment with a smile expert and learn about minute details of your smiling theory by learning how wide to open your mouth and at what occasion. Once you get the directions, practice in front of mirror till you get a perfect smile. Study your smile and make it naturally pleasant.

3. A Perfect Smile Not Just Comes From Lips

For the jury sitting at the panel, it is very easy to decipher who is enjoying the moment at the stage and who is hiding her nervous breakdown behind that fake smile, so make sure your smile looks natural. To have a natural smile, you need to smile from your eyes, feel the joy and spread it over your face. A true smile engages muscles around the eyes and cheeks.


4. What To Think When Smiling?

I know it is funny to keep smiling all the time while being at stage, but you are supposed to do that right? There is no escape! So all you need to do is think happy thoughts which keeps you naturally boosted up. Think about your family, pet or anything which makes you laugh naturally. Don’t shy off from trying something funny before you hit the stage. It will keep you charged up throughout the event. 🙂

5. Keep Your Teeth Dazzled Up!

The classic trick of rubbing a light film of petroleum jelly on the teeth is never out of fashion! It helps you to prevent the dryness a continuous smile can cause. It also allows you to easily close your lips without getting them stuck on your teeth. Do not forget to get some teeth whitening strips.

6. What If You Have De-Shaped Teeth?

If you’re worried about how your teeth will appear, fix an appointment with an orthodontist. If you have major teeth appearance problem like the teeth being crooked, chipped or spaced out, you need to get it right asap. Get braces if you still have time for the pageant. But if you are not interested in having braces, and believe that your teeth appearance is not that bad, no issues at all! I have met many women who shy away from showing teeth while smiling due to de-shaped teeth, but trust me there are ways how to control your smile which may not divert the audience’s attention to your teeth. It is all about being confident! There have been many beauty queens who do not own the perfect set of teeth, but we still love them, so it all comes down to how confident you are in your skin and of course in your smile.


7. How To Smile In Serious Interviews?

Yes, the interviews are the medium to assess your seriousness for the pageant, but it is not an interrogation! You have not done a crime to be put behind the bars, so be confident and smile like a queen. Never be forced while smiling and be a spontaneous speaker. Your smile helps the jury connect with you at more personal level.

A smile certainly affects a woman’s chances at the pageant. While a good smile gives a convincingly confident impression of your personality a nervously rigid smile could be the sole reason to kill your chances of winning pageants. So next time when you go for the close-up head shots and one-on-one interviews along with your final appearance on the stage, make sure you beam with a glowing smile!

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