An Interview With Rushikesh Mirajkar- National Director of Miss Tiara India

In a Conversation with Rushikesh Mirajkar, National Director of Miss Tiara India

Rushikesh Mirajkar is the Creative Director of Memory Makers Event Management and Founder of Miss and Mrs Tiara India Organization, an event which strives to send Indian women to the pageants like Miss Multinational, Miss Heritage International, Mrs Heritage International and Mrs Top Model of the World.

Since The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry is the Official Media Partner of Miss Tiara India, TKOP got a chance to interact with the young and ambitious National Director of the pageant, Rushikesh Mirajkar who narrated his vision and objectives for the pageant. Let us have a look!

Congratulations, Rushikesh for acquiring the franchise of Miss Tiara India. How are you gearing yourself up for the voyage?

Firstly I shall thank you for your great support to make my journey more visible to the pageantry lovers out there in different parts of world. Now coming towards my journey which was never an easy one as I had lot to handle, as coming down from a business management field where I was into excellence and turned an actor and then later a fashion designer, this journey has seen lots of ups and down in very young age. Me being rare of 26 as young rookie of this fashion industry has been into business since last 6 years. So I will just say that there’s yet lot to vision, experience and achieve many more hurdles of this business. Journey with for MISS TIARA INDIA has just begun over 1 year back which took me 3 years to plan it well. So the voyage is yet to been unfolded.


Please tell us more about Memory Makers Event Management. How did it come into Existence? What is the principle of the event?

It’s been a long while that someone had challenged me in one fine day about just on round the table over conference and I remember it was 2015? Yes it was 2015 august and It was the rough patch of my life as I had just lost my dad 15 days prior to this thought in my brains not even a month completed and I had started thinking onto it as arranging event like birthday wedding as being a fashion designer have managed lots of Bollywood celebs page 3 parties at that moment I used to think over that I shall have an event company which will be India A listed event firm so I was at this event at some college in New Bombay and was attending  that event as guest of honor and there was some girl crying at back stage and just asked her what happen initially she looked at me and was surprise to see me standing beside her and asking about the matter where I came across to know that she work into the cultural team of the event school, I asked her what do u want to do in life the simplest answer that I ever I could get was “ prove” I said what? She said I want to prove myself I said ok done meet me with your team tomorrow at my office she laughed I said I’m serious next day I was stunned looking at the team that she got all college kids aged 19 to 23 yrs old 15 people on board I was like ok now what. But still we managed to plan A+ conceptualized event which MISS TIARA later was named MISS TIARA INDIA. With tiara memory makers came to birth as we needed some event company to handle its profile so thought y shall we give it to others rather than we could do it on our own self. That’s how Memory Makers came to birth, on 13 September 2015.

See to any survival of the business you need to understand the need of it. A) the moral to have such pageants when there end number of the pageants B) what’s the difference between your pageant and others. C) What makes you go crazy and makes it think with a well planning event. D) Being not rigged or monetary based event which will give a bad impact over. Last but not the least to set an example that beauty pageant are not only meant for rich influent and skinned models they do not justify it as it’s a beauty pageant not a modeling contest so the principal of this event is any girl in India having height of 5.5 can participate with age bar 18 and 29 below, to differentiate I follow world beauty organization rules which states 5.4 is the minimum height required. This dais is meant for the true QUEEN by heart not a drama queen.

What are your prime objectives for the Miss Tiara pageant? What kind of representative are you looking forward to?

See for miss tiara the prime objective and our key bone is whole and soul my mom our managing director of the company she is the one which makes us more progressive and innovative with our every thoughts. Factor that being always a perfectionist with everything pre planned, intellectual – intelligent not only with her sense but also with her presence. See with beauty what we are looking towards is a girl who can be the voice of our country in aspect of being spoke person to put her each words in all key factor limited and meaningful. A girl who knows her duties to be the representative of her country is not just she will be carrying her name but that tri color flag and a sash which will say as MISS INDIA.

Tell us more about your team. Who will grace the panel of official designer and trainer for the pageant?

Young and dynamic that what my team is all about miss tiara India this project is been handled by aged 19 to 24 yrs old kids so I find more creative energetic and intellectual and performers. We already have some names that have been finalized by the our apex body like four INDIA ETHINC WEAR we have NIKHIEL BASSAN FROM CHANDIGARH and COCTAIL ROUND we have JUVERIA NUSRAT and last which will make every one’s mind go blowing EVENING WEAR by MANJU TODI we have swim wear to but let’s keep it more of surprise to everyone. For training purpose we have all set of people from mix bunch like India’s top models MISS INDIA’S  many more I would not revealed their names right now as we would also have our official press conference. Our talent and backstage is been handled by DikshaKapoor who also our show director. GURMEET GARHA is our official grooming partner who will groom girls in their journey. Our eye care partner is Mr.Chandrashekharchawan laser eye care jewelry. There’s more to this journey that will be adding spice to it. I must say the tiara fever is started.


How is Miss Tiara India different from other pageants in India in terms of agenda and objectives?

See miss tiara India is our annual event which celebrates the women empowerment issues every we handle one social cause attached towards it as this year we are looking over for promoting our India cultural heritage on an international pageant and also the racial issues that we are facing in today’s law which can make a better place to live. Our main focus is on this topic which I rarely find any pageant must be doing. As our tag say MISS TIARA INDIA – Evolution of Beauty.

What training criteria are you providing to your contestants and delegates under the pageant?

We have many aspects to been seen where all the top 30 contestant are supposed to go under different rounds initial rounds ramp walk, introduction, performance, GDC, impromptus, these girls are also under taken other various activities like sport round /archery / river crossing / wall climbing / advertisement session / and many more there been also trained for their catwalk and stage prepare for their question & answers which they might need to face at international pageant. Also looking at the social cause that we are associated with we look into it that they give us fare knowledge about the presentation like project reports which we submit at international platform.

How are your representatives preparing for their respective pageants, that is, Miss Multinational, Mrs Top Model of World, Mrs Heritage International and Miss Heritage International?

See currently all are undergoing through same training but with different strategy to win and secure the placements. Our four contestants are not only looking at giving their best shots but also to be in top 3 positions. We still have ample of time so 2 month basic training 1 month advance training and 1 month ++ advance training. They are asked to be more over intellectual and a kind soul which will not give a negative impact on their markings. In week we take practice 3 to 6 hrs.  Daily.

India is yet to win all of these pageants, how challenging do you think it is to put India at the pageant map?

See looking at the past figure I don’t know what other National Directors might have done but putting INDIA on global map is not that easy task as international expects India ladies and girls to more beautiful and intelligent. If you see past record India has been never succeeded to secure position in top 3 in much it’s my duty to get some good rankings for my country it was indeed my dream to do something for my country. Giving best over there is our performance, I don’t believe in saying all the best and best of luck to any one because this will never get luck to yourself rather putting your efforts to win over the day. It all about how you pull that race in your pocket.

What message would you like to give to the pageant enthusiasts, who are reading this interview?

See girls and boys who so ever is reading my interview please keep one thing in mind I’m just 26 years old and in this 26 years of my journey I have learnt one thing I might fail once or twice might be hundred in times but never thing that the race is ended no matter you might thing that this pageants and all are not meant for me but if u dream it you will win one over that. Never let your up and downs come in between your progress there was time when I had thought to quit myself but my believe and dream didn’t allowed me. Frame your picture and your dream might become true. Beauty pageant is not all about exposing yourself it’s all about being confident being yourself and find your own self.

Last but not the least As the Newly appointed National Director for more over 3 pageants I appeal to all those who beautiful ladies and girls want to participate in our upcoming pageant MISS TIARA INDIA AND MRS TIARA INDIA step forward and take a step lets change the pageantry situation in INDIA lets change the vision of the pageants at which we all look at.


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