Jessa Carmack is Miss California 2016

Jessa Carmack Crowned Miss California 2016

Jessa Carmack was crowned Miss California 2016 on July 2, 2016 at the Saroyan Theatre. Jessa Carmack succeeds Bree Morse, Miss California 2015 and will now compete in the coming edition of Miss America 2017, hoping to be crowned as next Miss America by the reigning beauty queen, Betty Cantrell from Georgia.

Miss California 2016.jpg

At the same event, Teen Jenna Tower was crowned as Miss California Outstanding Teen 2016.

California is one of the most successful states at Miss America pageant and has the record of winning six Miss America crowns in the courtesy of Debra Maffett (1982), Lee Meriwether (1955), Marilyn Buferd (1946), Jean Bartel (1943), Rosemary LaPlanche (1941) and Fay Lanphier (1925).

Complete Results of Miss California 2016

  1. First Runner Up- Miss Southern Coast- Katie Wayland
  2. Second Runner Up- Miss Orange Coast- Izamar Olaguez
  3. Third Runner Up- Miss Bay Area- Julianna Johnson
  4. Fourth Runner Up- Miss Yosemite Valley- Heidi Cheung

Complete Results of Miss California Outstanding Teen 2016

  1. First Runner Up- Colby Bladow- Miss Yorba Linda’s Outstanding Teen
  2. Second Runner Up- Nikki Ke’haulani Holbrook- Miss Sacramento County’s Outstanding Teen
  3. Third Runner Up- Asha Bhattacharya- Miss Placentia’s Outstanding Teen
  4. Fourth Runner Up- McKenna Faydo- County of San Diego’s Outstanding Teen

Meet The Contestants of Miss America 2017 Here!

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