Miss Polonia 2016- Meet The Contestants

Miss Universe Poland 2016- Meet The Candidates

Miss Polonia 2016 is slated to take place in October later this year in Warsaw. At the conclusion of Miss Polonia 2016, the reigning Miss Universe Poland, Paulina Krupinska will pass on her crown to her successor.

The winner of Miss Polonia 2016 will represent Poland in the coming edition of Miss Universe 2016 pageant later this year, hoping to succeed Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of Philippines.

Meet the contestants vying to be next Miss Universe Poland-


-Alexandra Śmiałkowska, stryków, ul. Łódź
– Angelika Stepien, piotrków trybunalski, ul. Łódź
– Angelika Staros, garwolin, ul. Mazowieckie
– Karolina Mikołajczyk, Warsaw, ul. Mazowieckie
– Catherine Włodarek, wieluń, ul. Łódź
– Izabella Krzan, Gent, ul. Warmia Masurian
– King Zabielska, bialystok, ul. Podlasie
– Louise Cichecka, ul. Silesian
– Natalia Stunt, Amsterdam, ul. Silesian
– Alexander Carter, Warsaw, ul. Mazowieckie
– Catherine Szklarczyk, bukowno, ul. Charleroi
– Dominic Szymańska, bydgoszcz, ul. Kujawski Pomeranian
– Angelika Lipa, lublin, ul. Lublin
– Natalia Koresendowicz, ostrowo, ul. Pomeranian
– eve woch, Toronto, ul. Trinidad and Tobago
-Anna Pupiel White Podlaska, ul. Lublin
– Patricia Pochmara, Warsaw, ul. Mazowieckie
– Karolina Suchenek, venoms, ul. Mazowieckie
– Agata Drywa, boat, ul. Łódź
-Paulina Rułka, boat, ul. Łódź

Reserve Candidates:
Paulina Rudowska, Marlena Michalczyk, Dominic, Olivia ziobrowska kostro

Marcelina Zawadzka was the last representative from Poland to place at Miss Universe pageant in 2012, where she finished as a Top 16 semi-finalist. Participating at Miss Universe pageant since 1958, Poland is yet to win its first Miss Universe crown.

Meet the Contestants of Miss Universe 2016 Here

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