An Exclusive Interview With Luissa Burton- Miss Earth England 2016

In a Conversation with Luissa Burton, the Reigning Miss Earth England! 

Luissa Burton, who was crowned as Miss Earth England 2016 past few weeks back is certainly a magnanimous personality. Hoping to be the first Miss Earth from England, this Ford model is also an ambassador for the British Skin Foundation and a Red Ribbon Model for Positive Runway, campaigning against the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Lately, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry got a chance to interview the exuberant beauty, wherein she not merely revealed her forthcoming agendas for Miss Earth 2016, but also unfolded some of the lovely incidents of her life, narrating the experiences which have made her the beaming personality she is today! Let’s have a look! 🙂

Luissa Burton is Miss Earth England

Heartiest congratulations, Luissa for winning the prestigious title of Miss Earth England 2016. How are you feeling?

Thank you so much! I feel over the moon! Being crowned felt like an out of body experience. It was the third time I had competed so my heart and soul had truly gone into my last attempt and that made the crowning moment more special and more surreal than I could have ever imagined. Whilst my pageant sister Katrina Kendall (Miss Earth England 2015) was crowning me, I had to ask her if it was really happening. It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror after the show through my tears wearing the crown and England sash that it felt real! I couldn’t be happier to be apart of the Miss Earth family and to represent my country in the most relevant pageant in the world.

This was your third attempt at Miss Earth England, and finally you have embraced the success! What was it which kept your drive to see the coveted victory persistent?

I have been competing in pageants for many years however, I am an animal activist and a lifelong supporter/advocate of environmental charities and sustainable living. Miss Earth is a pageant that is fully aligned with my core values, morals and beliefs. I couldn’t give up on something that I felt such a passion and connection with. A pageant with an environmental platform,where I could continue my eco charity work at a higher level was meant for me and I had to pursue it. Miss Earth England has enabled me to work on some incredible eco projects doing something I love which is, helping my country and giving back to mother Earth.

You are a distinguished philanthropist back in your country. Please tell your fans more about your campaigns and NGO.

Sure! 🙂 The most life changing experience of my life was when I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I raised £2,300 for a charity called ChildReach International.Before the climb I helped plant trees at the Tanzanian school to offset carbon dioxide emissions and to provide shade for the African school children. I also taught the children the importance of nutrition in vegetables and I spent time showing the schools teachers how to grow vegetables in the school yard.Reaching the top of Mt Kilimanjaro was extremely emotional and seeing the world from the summit makes me appreciate how beautiful our Earth is and how we must protect it.

I also sponsor a dog for a charity called Dogs Trust in England, each month the money I give goes towards looking after a dog with no home. I also adopted a greyhound called Nellie who is now our family pet. Greyhounds in England are used for racing and horrifically the animals are often left homeless when they retire. I am pleased to have given Nellie a loving home!

One trip I will always cherish is when I visited Nepal (2009) on an around the world trip. During my time there I taught children in a school and lived with a local Nepalese family. I taught them about my country England and also geography. I brought photographs with me of the English countryside and of our British wildlife, for instance of badgers and foxes. The children were fascinated as it was the first time they had seen many of these animals!

luissa burton..

Please tell us more about your other environmental achievements! 

I earnt a Bachelors degree in Business and Economics at one the UK’s top 10 Universities. I specialised in modules‘Environmental Law in Businesses’ and in ‘Eco Tourism. I was also awarded an Environmental award by top London business investors for creating the most environmentally friendly product in my entrepreneurship final year exam.Other achievements include persuading my sponsor business for Miss Earth England to change all their lights in the office to energy efficient bulbs and to also place recycling bins in the offices. They held a meeting with the employees to tell them of these changes and they sent me a letter to tell me the news.

You have been modelling since a tender age of 14. What motivated you to pursue modelling and pageant as your prime profession and how?

I have always been very creative, I enjoy creating things and modelling is like human art and pageants are live shows. With a cool theme and makeup and styling you can create some stunning things! Being around creative people and being able to do one of my favourite hobbies, travelling, I never saw a reason to stop after I started. It isn’t work when you love it!

What other pageants have you competed in?

+ 4 years ago I placed 6th overall out of 100 countries in Miss Globe where I represented England.

+ Represented Great Britain at Miss Model of the World in China, 2012.

+ Represented Great Britain at Miss Exquisite Face of the Universe in Nigeria in 2012.

+ Won the national title Face of the World England in 2015.

+ In 2013 and 2015 I placed 1st runner up in Miss Earth England. I won the award for most photogenic (2013), best runway walk (2015) and I placed top 3 for my Eco-outfit (2013 &2016).

luissa burton

Which beauty queen has inspired you to be a role model to others?

Angelina Ong- Miss Earth 2015. She is a true Earth Warrior in her environmental work and she is a shining example (her back to back win for the Philippines) of how despite all odds dreams can come true through a strong work ethic and passion. “Pagbati Angelina!”

Few countries have already crowned their delegates for Miss Earth 2016, who do you think would be your toughest competitor for Miss Earth 2016 crown?

Every girl has what it takes to win the Miss Earth 2016 crown, all the delegates are Earth Warriors and beauties for a cause so anything is possible. 🙂 I work on competing with myself, to wake up each day aiming to be a better version of myself than yesterday.

England is waiting to hail its Earth Warrior since a long time. How confident are you about adorning England with Miss Earth crown?

England has never won a crown in Miss Earth. If England won a crown it would make pageant history and I truly believe it would regenerate huge interest in pageants in the UK, this would be a dream! Nothing in life is certain and that is what makes life fun and interesting! My only goal is to give 110% to my environmental advocacies and everything I do in my preparation for Miss Earth and if the stars are shining in my favour on coronation night, well only time will tell ❤

What message would you like to give to your fans reading this interview?

I hope I can meet you all one day, your support means so much to me and I appreciate every one of you! Sending hugs from England.

luissa burton.

Luissa Burton recently visited Nepal to complete her environmental advocacies where she taught the children in schools. She has also participated in various plantation ceremonies and have became a part of the summit in Kilimanjaro.

Thank you so much for this interview, Luissa. It was indeed a great experience to see the more shimmering aspect of your personality. All the very best as you continue to walk on the alleyway of Miss Earth 2016! 🙂

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