Madeline Van Ert is Miss Minnesota 2016

Madeline Van Ert Crowned Miss Minnesota 2016

Madeline Van Ert was crowned Miss Minnesota 2016 on July 18, 2016. Madeline Van Ert succeeds Rachel Latuff, Miss Minnesota 2015. Madeline Van Ert will now compete at Miss America 2017, scheduled to be held on September 11, 2016 in New Jersey.


Crowned Miss River Valley formerly, Madeline Van Ert is a leader in program development and community partnership, and a passionate advocate for service and the arts.

Founder of Fine Arts for Kids, and partnered with United Way, Madeline dedicates her time to filling the gap in arts education, promoting creative expression and equal opportunity.  Madeline has worked with children across the Twin Cities and southeast Minnesota, bringing her message of creative possibility to places like the Anderson Choice School, The Waite House, the Rochester Public School District and the Salvation Army.

Madeline is passionate about the need for communities to serve one another, and the transformational opportunity this partnering creates.   In an effort to encourage and foster a new culture of serving, Madeline has partnered with local school districts and the United Way to offer a varsity letter in community service to promote youth involvement in the volunteer needs of the community.

miss minnesota 2016

Madeline’s dedication to serve, and the impact of her programs have earned her recognition in local and regional news.  She has been honoured to receive the United Way/KTTC “10 Who Make a Difference” Award, and the national Dale Earnhardt Legend Leadership Award for her work in service to children.

Madeline, an intern at the Minnesota State Legislature and assistant to the Dean at the University of Minnesota School of Law, is currently studying Political Science and Latin at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities on a Presidential Scholarship.

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Credits: Miss Minnesota Official Website

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